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Jacksonville & Fayetteville Thrills!

The We Care Tour just finished its North Carolina stretch and it was amazing to get to know the Drivers in these regions who make Point Pickup a success.

We also discovered that there is a very close-knit community of Drivers in our Fayetteville region! They know each other well and spend time together between deliveries, even referring to their community as one big family. They also playfully compete with each other to snag the most deliveries! 🚙🆚🚗 It was great to hear that they are having fun working for Point Pickup.

They also gave us some stellar feedback, and we learned a lot about deliveries in the area directly from the Drivers who make our service successful each and every day. We hope they had fun at the Tour stops and are enjoying their free gear!

Check out some of the awesome photos from Jacksonville, including purple Teslas and Pelican snow-cones! 🚐🍊

Where will we be next? View our Tour Stops page!

How can you enter the Driver Contest? Click HERE!!!

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