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Louisiana Love!

Thank you, Shreveport, Bossier City, Alexandria, Crowley, and Breaux Bridge, and New Iberia! The state of Louisiana has so many hard-working Drivers in all of these different regions, and we were happy to be able to shake hands and chat with them.

Our Tour Team received a lot of constructive feedback from Drivers in these areas, who told us about how we can improve our platform. We appreciated their honesty, and we hope to use their suggestions to empower them in the future.

We also learned about some innovations that Drivers use to improve the quality of their services. Some use thermal bags to keep groceries cold, some use carts to help them transport heavy items, such as cases of water bottles, and others remind customers to check the app to ensure they got their full order - which also reminds the customer to tip their Driver at the end of a delivery!

WE CARE about our Drivers. They make Point Pickup deliveries possible, they enjoy what they do, and they absolutely go above and beyond!

Be sure to check out our tour website to learn more about the We Care Tour. Click HERE to view upcoming stops, and be sure to check out our Driver Contest where you can win big prizes! You can also follow our journey on Instagram and LinkedIn!

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